Our Theme and Inspiration Board Revealed!

As I mentioned in my last post, it was really important to us that our guests would walk away with a deep understanding of the significance of the day and their role in it, all while feeling like there was some cohesion between that with the actual details and décor of the day.  So in coming up with our theme, we took a really non-linear approach of simultaneously taking a step back to think about how we would love our ceremony to flow, while also starting to hone in on a few types of details or décor elements that we liked.

In speaking with our pastor, who’d be officiating and had also been one of the folks who walked us through a lot of the roughest moments in our relationship, one of the things he had suggested was setting the stage by sharing some background on our story.  While all those invited were friends who had played a key role in our journey, many had varying degrees of understanding of what actually happened.  Given that significant others who were less involved would also be attending, we felt like it would be good to level-set everyone and provide the context before jumping into our vows.  So the personal sharing aspect was definitely something to take into consideration.  Examples of other details we took into account were that our outdoor venue was definitely more on the rustic side, the event itself would be really intimate, we wanted to go for simplicity and hopefully something that felt personal and unique, and of course my not-so-unique love of kraft paper and string. 😉  So with all that in mind, we landed on our unofficial theme.

Our unofficial theme was around the idea of “good stories”.  I say “unofficial” because we wanted it to be subtle, since we thought making it too overt would take away a little bit of the sanctity of the day.  Why “good stories” and how does that come to life?  Well, for one thing, we were going to be sharing our actual story, but at a more general level, in the best stories, there always comes a point when you don’t know if the protagonist is going to make it, and the journey of how they do is what makes the story.  We felt like that was a picture of our marriage.  There was a point where we really didn’t think we were going to make it.  And a huge part of the day would be telling the story of how things fell apart and the miraculous things that happened that saved us.

In terms of how that would come to life, well, here are some selections from our pinterest board pieced together into an inspiration board for our event!  We are both big book nerds – in fact, we even have our very own library in our home.  We also liked how the “literary” look fit so well into the overall rustic environment (kind of funny that books are considered more “rustic” and “antique” now).


From a color and floral perspective, we knew we definitely wanted to go with a light aqua blue – it is one of our favorite colors (in fact, much of our home is decorated in it!).  We also wanted to have a pop of color, and ended up deciding on a light peach.  This is the board that we came across that sealed the color deal for us.


So these are what set the tone for how we would begin our planning journey!  Of course, we did want things to be more subtle, so as I post about how the details, you’ll notice they don’t really look much like these boards.  But taking the time to think through a theme really helped us focus and ensure that all the various elements of the day would be tied together.

Image sources –
Daffodil inspiration board (clockwise, links from Pinterest): OnceWed, Melissa Baum Events Blog, Every Last Detail blog, Style Me Pretty, Matthew Alvarado, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled Blog
Peach & Blue inspiration board from Snippet & Ink  


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