“So What’s Your Theme?”

When we booked our venue and went in to sign everything, the site coordinator lost no time in getting down to business.  She sat us down and the first thing she asked was, “so what’s your theme?”  Mr. D and I looked at each other blankly – We had been consumed with merely finding available vendors and a venue on relatively short notice that we hadn’t even begun thinking about how the day would play out, let alone a theme.

As we drove home, we started talking in the car.  It hadn’t previously crossed our mind to incorporate a theme, especially for an event that seemed to be somewhat on the more sacred and serious side.  Even for our actual wedding, our “theme” was really just the color scheme more than anything else.  But as someone who loves party planning, especially themed parties, it got the wheels turning.  Upon further discussion, it seemed like a great idea – it could really pull the details of the day together and lend it cohesion, especially since this would be the first vow renewal most of our friends had attended and no one would be quite sure what to expect anyway.  Additionally, we loved that it would give the day and details a greater sense of intentionality behind it.

So we set out to come up with some ideas for a theme.  As we browsed online for inspiration, we saw plenty of cute ideas centered around a signature object, such as a fruit (we particularly loved the themes around lemons), or an inanimate object like typewriters (LOTS of typewriters!)…


(Source: Snippet & Ink)


(Source: Simply Peachy blog)

…we also saw a number of weddings themed in the veins of travel or places, such as nautical ones, or the beach, or just travel in general…


(Source: Style Me Pretty)


(Source: Pinterest)

And of course just themes of color or just a general style as well!   (I’m a huge fan of Snippet & Ink by the way – I tell all my engaged friends to go to that blog for inspiration!)

A green theme


(Source: Snippet & Ink)

The one below is just a theme of rustic country life


(Source: Snippet & Ink)

After getting inspired by all the different ways that themes could come to life, we took a step back to think about what we wanted our guests to really take away from the day.  For us, it would be really important for them to walk away with why we were renewing our vows and why the day was special, and to somehow symbolically tie that together with the decor and the venue itself.  Finally, after brainstorming through a number of different ideas, we landed on a theme…

…which is what my next post is going to be all about!

In the meantime, I’m curious: how many of you ended up going with a theme, and if so, what was it and how did you decide on it?


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